Insight into Sikhism is the only regularly scheduled English language television program about Sikhism, the faith of some 30 million worldwide. Each week, host Hari Nam Singh Khalsa explains aspects of the Sikh religion and its relevance to modern day issues. Insight into Sikhism introduces the core principles of Sikhism in a simple and basic format in English for everyone to understand. Hari Nam Singh’s mission is to spread the universal teachings of Sikhism to people of all faiths.

Hari Nam Singh Khalsa
Host / Producer

“Insight into Sikhism” features host Hari Nam Singh Khalsa, a world-renowned Spiritual Leader, Healer and master teacher of Kundalini Yoga, who reaches a vast audience through his national television programs aired on Joy TV in Vancouver and Vision TV nationally and available by Satellite across Canada.

Author of  “Wisdom Shared”, Hari Nam Singh Khalsa is acknowledged as an inter-faith activist and prominent leader in the Sikh religious community. He is a mentor who uplifts the truth, well-being and natural essence of all people, to awaken the spirit to the light of God.

Hari Nam lives his mission, teaching individuals to expand beyond their self-imposed limitations, touching their hearts and helping people realize their own infinite consciousness. An inspirational spiritual teacher, his messages are shared on more than 18 DVD’s and Guided Meditation CD’s, along with radio, TV, Web and live audiences throughout the world.